Advocate Radiation Oncology


Brian Lawenda, M.D.
Arie Dosoretz, M.D., MBA
Georges Hobeika, M.D.
Thomas J. Klein, M.D., Ph.D., FACRO
Dwight Fitch, M.D.
Graciela Garton, M.D., FACRO
Todd Pezzi, M.D.
James Rubenstein, M.D., FACRO
Daniel Dosoretz, M.D., FACRO
Amy Fox, M.D.
David Rice, M.D.
Alan Brown, M.D.
Mary Koshy, M.D.

Your Partner in the Fight Against Cancer

Advocate Radiation Oncology is Southwest Florida’s premier partner in the fight against cancer, bringing world-class radiation treatment closer to home. We are the region’s premier locally-owned and operated radiation oncology practice. Our team of board-certified radiation oncologists have trained at some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions. We have decades of experience and are passionately dedicated to working closely with each patient in developing a personalized treatment plan.

Personalized Care For Every Patient

Personalized care with Advanced Radiation Oncology

At Advocate Radiation Oncology, we put our patients first. Our evidence-based approach, innovative technology, and compassionate care ensure that every patient’s treatment experience is customized to their needs with the goal of most effectively treating an individual’s cancer while minimizing side-effects.

World-Class Cancer Care Close to Home

Patients who receive cancer treatment from Advocate Radiation Oncology benefit from our doctors’ decades of experience and passion for outstanding patient care. Additionally, our team of doctors work tirelessly to create individualized treatment plans that are aimed at maximizing effectiveness while minimizing side-effects.

We are also strongly committed to advancing radiation oncology as a field. Our physicians are widely published researchers who continue to contribute to important cancer research. They also serve on professional boards and expert committees and have been recognized for their achievements and dedication to patient care.

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