Advocate Radiation Oncology


Arie Dosoretz, M.D., MBA
Georges Hobeika, M.D.
Thomas J. Klein, M.D., Ph.D., FACRO
Dwight Fitch, M.D.
Graciela Garton, M.D., FACRO
Todd Pezzi, M.D.
James Rubenstein, M.D., FACRO
Daniel Dosoretz, M.D., FACRO
Amy Fox, M.D.
David Rice, M.D.
Alan Brown, M.D.
Mary Koshy, M.D.

The Region’s Top Physicians Close to Home

Advocate Radiation Oncology is proud to have world-class physicians on staff to provide top-tier treatment to our patients across South Florida. We are committed to providing innovative treatment with a patient-centered approach.

Our board-certified doctors have trained at some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions. They are recognized as leaders in the oncology community and have decades of experience in radiation oncology.

Meet Our Doctors